A.R.T. Projects and Architecture was created in 2000 by Arturo Roldán Huber, 6 years after the beginning of his professional career.  Conscious that experience is an enormous and incalculable asset, he first contracted as a partner his father, Arturo Roldán García, architect since 1964. Who is also the son of an architect, Arturo Roldán Palomo. We take great pride in the fact that the profession of architecture has run through our family for three generations.

Today with more than 1.000.000,00 sqm designed and built, A.R.T. is a fully consolidated enterprise.


In A.R.T. we’ve always considered ourselves sculptors of spaces, following a very ingrained tradition in Spain; the architect is responsible for the entire design and construction of the building.

In this manner a global vision of the building is in our mind from the very beginning of the design.  We close our eyes and imagine how life would be inside it, walking, cooking, sleeping and living. We see design and we see art, but we also visualize its structure, installation, fixtures, fittings and how the sculpture we’re chiseling and creating will better work.

We love to create beautiful and complete sculptures, but we never forget that they are tools for a way of living. A house or building should serve the user.

Why A.R.T.?

Building design is our specialty, it is what we do best, and we live with the illusion of taking the opportunity of developing our work in collaboration with you. We also look forward to contributing our knowledge and energy in designing unique projects together.